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It’s easy to see why we’re excited for the New Year here at NetHosting. We’ve built up a lot of momentum over the past year with the release of our cutting edge cloud services and by becoming a Dell Certified Partner, which has enabled us to offer a slew of exclusive options on top-notch hardware and systems to our customers.

We’ve also fine-tuned our website to offer our customers even more resources in our blog section, where they can read up on a growing list of Case Studies that offer detailed insight on how sites like Twitter got their start, social networks like Facebook achieved phenomenal success, and daily deals sites like Groupon made it big. What systems did they use? How many servers did they need to start out? How many servers do they have now? What was their strategy?

As your Dedicated Experts™, we’re here to simplify your hosting experience by supplying all the information you need to power your website, app, or business. Your success is our success, and as part of your team, we take that responsibility pretty seriously.

Thank you for a brilliant 2010! We look forward to a fantastic 2011!

Your Dedicated Expert,