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It’s no secret that social media marketing is the optimal way for a business to appeal to its customers. Companies attempt to pull in a larger audience through entertaining content, engaging questions, and increased visibility. But often this does not answer for social media users what the company actually does. For service-based products, a more detailed explanation is necessary, but social media platforms are not always the best place to broadcast that information.

More and more businesses are using videos as a medium to promote their content. With over 4 billion hours of videos being watched on YouTube each month, companies that ignore this type of visual marketing will soon fall behind. Videos made by businesses are quite successful, too – open rates of emails with “video” in the subject line increased by 6%, and ecommerce shoppers are 64% more  likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. So what about video marketing makes it so successful?

  1. It’s more personal than other kinds of advertisements. Behaving like a human on social media is a crucial factor in a successful marketing campaign. Customers like to know that they are talking to a person and not a robot. Creating a video where all of the personality of the subject is on display makes your company more appealing to the viewer. A few businesses try to personalize their company by giving viewers a tour of their establishment, as well as allowing their audiences to get to know their employees.
  2. “How to” guides are extremely popular. This is a specific kind of video, but “how to” guides are fast becoming a favorite of social media users. Pinterest is a great example of this phenomenon. It may seem like giving away free information is a bad idea, but it actually gives potential customers a taste of the product. For example, a photographer creating “how to” guides on lighting will better impress the audience with first-hand exposure to their expertise, which eventually leads to a purchase. Don’t be afraid to reveal some of your knowledge. Or if you are not the expert, invite a guest with more experience to star in your video.
  3. Videos are easy to consume. Viewers don’t usually come to social media to shop or learn about products. Frequently, advertisements are ignored, as the average social media user only wants to look at pictures or read short status updates. Besides taking almost no effort to watch, videos are also very accessible to customers. Businesses are taking advantage of the popularity of Instagram videos and Vine by broadcasting their videos on those platforms. Videos can be embedded on Facebook and blogging platforms as well.

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