One of the greatest aspects of SEO and social media marketing is that both are available for even the layperson to use. Business owners can handle their own online presence. They can work to improve their own search engine rankings, and a beginner can learn tips of the trade and succeed with very little cost.

So why hire an SEO expert when it is possible for you to do all of the work without that added expense? One reason is already in the position title: he or she has expertise that you don’t have. An SEO expert works full time at improving a business’s SEO, using specialized knowledge and experience that the layman doesn’t have.

What exactly does that “knowledge and expertise” entail? Here are a few things that your SEO expert has mastered:

  1. Google’s Changes – The search engine king changes its rules and algorithms frequently. Just this month, Google cracked down on spammers that were trying to take advantage of guest posting strategies. Google penalizes websites that do not follow their rules. If you aren’t up-to-date on Google’s updates, your SEO rankings will suffer for it.
  2. Technical Problems – SEO is more than having an online presence. There are also factors with backlinks and coding and other information that someone without an SEO or technical background would find confusing (like me!). If you use the wrong kind of coding in your backlinks, you will be punished by Google again. Tags, redirects, even the HTML within your website could present problems that throw a wrench into your SEO.
  3. Social Media Changes – Every social media platform has its own rules and algorithms. Every social media website or mobile app also needs its own unique strategy. What might work on Twitter will not work on Facebook. You might do well on Tumblr, but struggle with Instagram. And while you’re concentrating on building up a following on Pinterest, you’ll miss a change that Facebook has made, harming your reach. Keeping track of each change and strategy is a full-time job.
  4. Time Management – There are resources out there that will help you break down how much time to spend on each SEO front, but formulas don’t work for everyone. They also only outline about an hour of social media efforts. Your online presence needs to be cultivated daily, often for more than an hour. Business owners don’t have time for the intense work required. An SEO expert knows how to use his or her time efficiently, making sure you get the maximum impact for your budget. They understand which efforts need priority, and which ones only need to be checked up on.

Do you struggle with some of these SEO problems in your business? What have you found to be the most difficult part of managing your own SEO and social media outreach?


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