SEO isn’t as hard as people think. Basic SEO is easy to set up and, depending on your business, might be all you need to do. Here is a quick, simple guide to help you get started on some basic and effective SEO tips.


Google is constantly crawling your site and everyone else’s. You have to keep your content fresh and exactly what your customers are looking for. Content isn’t just your blog posts but every word, image, slideshow, video, and more on your site. If your content isn’t dynamic there is no reason for people to come back. This doesn’t mean to change everything on your site all the time but instead make sure it is always up to date. Content wasn’t always big with SEO but as Google gets smarter it becomes more and more important.

Mobile Friendly

We have talked about this before and we will talk about it again. Your site needs to be mobile friendly! Many users now are coming from a mobile device. If you think you are the exception check your Google Analytics to make sure. What you think your users are doing isn’t always what is actually happening.

Additionally, Google has implemented ‘mobile-first index’, so if a user is on their phone, sites that match and are mobile will show up first even if yours would have won on a desktop.

If you still haven’t done this, here are a few steps:

Google’s mobile Friendly Test

How did you score? What changes do they suggest for you? Now follow the suggestions!

Same Content

Make sure your content is the same. If you have a mobile site and a desktop site they need to match. The better option, in our opinion, is to have one site that is responsive and then you don’t have to manage two – but do what works best for you.

Google mobile speed test

How long does it take to load your page on a normal mobile connection? What advice does it give you? Take it! Google is the one showing your results and they don’t care if you don’t agree with them – it’s their way or “I’m on page 15,000 of the search results” way!

Website Load Time

We just talked about this with mobile but your desktop needs to be on par as well. Test on and do what they tell you to do! Page speed is a factor. When there are two similar sites the faster one will always win. If your site is faster it will also give you more conversions. If your site loads too slow people start to leave. If you have a high bounce rate, this is probably an indicator you need to reduce your sites load time.

Quick tips

No Big Images

Get rid of extra JavaScript files

Use a fast hosting provider (aka sign up with us today!)

Use a Content Delivery Network service

Use sprites rather than small images to minimize http redirects

Use Googles Tools

Optimize URLs and Titles

Give enough information that the reader knows what you are about without making them read a bunch. Titles should be descriptive and catchy. The URL should be formatted well and meaningful, you don’t want just a strand of numbers.

That’s it. Follow these tips and see what a difference it can make for you!LK