There are these great times at work when you’re on a roll, riding on one burst of energy to complete all your daily tasks. Then there are awful days when your energy seems to ebb and flow, particularly around more odious assignments. While you can’t escape work until the end of your shift, there are a few things you can do to boost your stamina and get yourself back on track.

Eat a good snack. The right kinds of food have been shown to improve productivity and workplace concentration. Fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, blueberries, carrots, and dark chocolate all contain nutrients that will boost brainpower. Fish is probably better kept to your lunch, but the other items are great to incorporate in your daily routine. Avoid vending machine foods, like chips and candy. Replace sugary snacks with more whole grains.

Switch activities. If you find yourself lagging on one project, switch to another task. Putting your brain onto another track will help to reinvigorate you. You’ll also eliminate some of the frustration you’re probably experiencing with that first slow-going project. Once you start making progress on your next assignment, you will feel better about yourself and continue to raise your work productivity.

Clean your workspace. Every office values the prestige of a clean workspace. Take your mind off of your current project by doing a mundane task that is still helpful. Eliminating the clutter on your desk will also discourage getting distracted in the future.

Take frequent breaks. Taking small breaks often rather than one long break will help you decompress your brain. Take a walk around your building, get some water at the cooler, or chat with a coworker. The added bonus is that getting up and walking around is better for your body, and talking with coworkers will build a good relationship with them. Make sure these breaks are a time to relax a little, and not to further stress yourself out.

Listen to some music. Much like your workout playlist, upbeat music can make your energy match the beat. Your favorite dance music can wake up your mind, and make work much more enjoyable.

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