You may feel like there are too many different social media networks to use to create brand awareness, and when the Vine app was introduced in early 2013, I’m sure there were many skeptics who were unsure if it would gain real traction or if it would be just another social media flop. So far, Vine’s usage has grown significantly, and it has great social media marketing potential.

What Is Vine and How Does It Work?

Twitter Vine is a social media network that is similar to Instagram; however, Vine is only for sharing videos. Each vine video has a limit of 7 seconds and runs in a continuous loop; there are no video filter options, but there is definitely room to get creative.

Like Instagram, the Vine app allows users to hashtag their videos, which feeds into a search feature that mines posts to populate a hashtag-centered search results page. Vine search allows users to search for videos according to the hashtags they’re interested in, displaying videos that have been uploaded on a certain topic and categorized with a hashtag. In addition, the Vine app also provides an “Editor’s Pick” section that showcases some of the best Vine videos on the network, and allows users to explore various creative approaches to making Vine videos.

Vine Can Increase Online Engagement

Visual engagement is a really important part of brand awareness, and both Instagram and Vine provide great opportunities to engage customers visually. By creating quick seven second videos with the Vine app, you have the opportunity to show your followers and customers that you are relevant in the social media world.

Businesses are starting to recognize the value of the Vine app, and a six-second preview for the new Wolverine movie was posted on Vine last month and tagged as a “Tweaser,” showing that even movie culture is utilizing Vine’s social media power. As you are trying to increase brand awareness and reach, thinking of new ways to attract customers and generate traffic is key, and Vine could be just the thing you need to add to your social media marketing strategy.

5 Vine Video Ideas for Your Business

  • Product production
  • Office culture
  • Contest promotion
  • Creative product videos
  • Product demos

As far as posting to Vine, you may feel like you are short of ideas; however, there are a variety of different things that your business could do with the Vine app. If you’re involved in manufacturing, a quick video of the assembly process of one of your products might be interesting to your customers, taking video of funny office antics is a sure hit, and anything that you think is funny and/or interesting. The great thing about social media is that it doesn’t always have to be overtly promotional, and many users prefer it that way. Showing the human face behind your brand will help you to develop a following, because users will feel more connected to your business.

Because Vine is about creativity, exploring your options and attempting new and innovative things can really help you to get your business’ name out there and increase brand awareness, especially if you use relevant and trending hashtags. Like Instagram and Twitter, Vine is set to continue taking the Internet by storm, and it is already being used by various companies to market products. Dove recently used Vine to create a product skit to introduce their Vine account using Dove bottles as bowling pins and a bar of soap as the bowling ball, and Cadbury recently created a video to promote a contest for samples of some of their new products.

While not all companies are harnessing the power of Vine, Dove and Cadbury understand that engaging viewers with visual stimuli, and utilizing social media to introduce their brand and their products is an effective online marketing strategy. The Vine app’s inherently creative possibilities make it a great way to make your stand out from the crowd, and Dove and Cadbury are doing just that by creating visually appealing videos that also promote their brands and products.

If you’re looking for new ways to bridge the gap between your company and your customers and increase brand awareness, the Vine app is the next big thing and is set to continue growing. So make yourself an account and start getting creative.


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