Your logo is a great opportunity to provide the feel of your company to your customer, as well as creating an image that makes your brand easily recognizable and trusted. Your logo can make or break your company’s reliability and professionalism, all in one image! So it is key to have a logo design that is clear and comprehensive for your customers.


Keep it simple

Don’t get too intricate with your logo – remember, this will be what you put on your website, vehicles, business cards, packaging, etc. and it should be able to be sized up and down with ease. Having a logo that is too busy can also create confusion as to what the purpose of your company is.



Two In Once

One plus one is…two!

Taking two images or items and making them into one can create a sense of fluidity, and can also make your logo more interesting. If people have to take a minute to comprehend the image it will be more memorable to them.



Color Pallet

Pick the right colors 

Colors have been shown to create emotional reactions. If you are going for trust, blue has been shown to reflect this. If you want to increase the hunger in your customers, red! Research colors to find which one best represents your company, and play with hues to see which one best suits your logo.




Design your own typeface 

This one can be tricky, especially if you know nothing about design…or typeface. You can always hire a designer to work on this for you. Or, going with a unique yet simple typeface can also help your logo to stand out to your customers. Keep in mind though how you want your company to be perceived. Do you want a little bit of playfulness to come across? Maybe a slightly flowing cursive. Research the different fonts and play around with them.



golden ratio

The Golden Ratio is your friend

The Golden Ratio is based off…math…and….is aesthetically pleasing….and….well, it’s based off of math, what do you want from me, I’m a writer! Just research it and apply it already!



Negative Space

What’s with the negativity?

Negative space gives the eye a space to rest and can create a harmonious feel to your logo design. How you have things spaced from each other can either make it hard or easy to read. Space between your typeface and your logo image should be thought out and rearranged to leave the space necessary.




Passive or active?

What kind of feel do you want customers to get from your logo? Are you wanting it to be kinetic, creating a sense of movement, or do you want it to be more peaceful, creating a sense of calm? Think of the Nike logo, there is a sense of movement there, or the Apple logo, a sense of progressive calm.

It could be helpful to draw some rough sketches of what you think your logo could look like, and then sit back and see how it makes you feel. (That’s right, we’re getting touchy-feely!)

Most importantly, have some serious fun with your logo! Have fun creating it, and have fun seeing how people react to it. Best of luck from us at Nethosting!