Today the internet in my office was down for about 15 minutes. I also forgot my cell phone at home, so I was disconnected from the world wide web for a whopping 1% of my day. It got me thinking about how attached and dependent I am on the technology in my life. I am by no means an early adopter or a tech geek, but it was interesting to reflect on exactly how much I interact with tech throughout my regular day.

So here it is: A Day in the Connected Life.

6:30am     I wake up to an alarm coming from my iPhone 6. I open my Facebook app hoping to find something that will force my brain to wake up too.

6:40ish     I roll out of bed, open Pandora and hook my phone into a Philips dock that’s really made for an iPhone 4. But thank goodness for aux cables. How else would I blast Broadway musicals every morning?

6:45     I hop in the shower. For some reason there’s a motion sensor on my bathroom light. So when I’m behind the shower curtain, the light goes out after 60 seconds. Definitely not the most practical application of a motion sensor. When I don’t feel like waving my hand or punching the curtain to make it trip the sensor, I just shower in the dark.

7:30     I head off to work. I drive an 11-year-old car. Back in its day, it was probably pretty decked out. But now, most of the cool features it came with just don’t work anymore. So I listen to the regular old radio (because the CD player doesn’t work) and I use the gas and brake like a normal person (because the cruise control doesn’t work) and when I arrive at the office, I lock it with the key (because the electronic locks don’t work.) My computer on wheels is mostly just wheels now.

7:55     I knock on the door at work. I don’t have a key fob for the RFID lock, so my boss has to let me in.

8:00   The rest of my day is a mixture of hardware, websites, and iPhone apps. Here are some of my favorites!

Google Photos: I backup all my photos to Google Photos. I can then access them from the app or from any other device I can get to Google on. It makes it so I can free up tons of space on my phone, and I have it set up to back up my photos automatically whenever I’m on Wi-Fi!

Credit Karma: CK tells me my credit score and how it’s calculated for 2 different credit reporting agencies. I like to keep track of how and why my credit score changes.

Venmo: This is how I pay my rent. It’s also incredibly convenient for the occasional night out with friends when you don’t want the waiter to hate you for needing 6 separate checks.

Poshmark: I’ve made a good chunk of change selling my clothes on this app. It takes some effort to get everything photographed and uploaded, but it’s worth it! I’ve also found many excellent deals on some of my favorite brands.

Google Chromecast: I don’t have regular TV channels or cable in my apartment, so I bought a Chromecast for my TV. Now I can cast most of the shows I want to watch from the Hulu app on my phone instead of having to continue battling with the remote.

Jimmy Johns: An app that summons a cheerful person to bring me a sandwich? Yes please. I can also order a favorite sandwich in about 4 seconds and skip the line at the store when I pick up my food.

Airbnb: I’ve had some of my very best travel experiences because of Airbnb! Save money, meet people!

Park SLC: It’s an app that makes city parking way smarter! You can create an account, add your credit card, enter the stall you’re parked in, add time from anywhere and get notifications when your meter is almost out. There are many other cities that have this type of app as well, and it’s great.

I’d love to hear about some of the things that have made your life way easier. Hit the comments with your favorite technological advancements!