Let go of what doesn’t work and move forward fresh!

It’s easy to get into a groove, get settled, and put your feet up. There is comfort in the familiar, even if it isn’t working well. The start of the year is the perfect time to review your routine, take inventory on the output of this routine, and figure out what is or is not a productive use of your time and effort. You can’t ever retrieve your time or your employee’s time, so take an assessment on productivity and let go of anything that isn’t moving your company forward.

When at work, it is extremely easy to get into a routine. This is usually a great thing! Routines are proven to be healthy and productive, to animals and humans alike!  But once you are in the groove of things, it can also be extremely easy to get stuck doing things that are no longer valuable to you or your company. A small example could be checking your website traffic. This will be extremely useful when starting out, but once your site is established you might only need to check that once a week. Of course this will be based off your personal needs, but there are undoubtedly things you are currently doing that are a waste of time. (Stop checking Facebook every five minutes!)

It can be disheartening and frustrating when you think you have found something that should boost business ASAP and you don’t see results….ASAP. You did your research and this new plan should be doubling your revenue, right? A month in and nothing has changed but your expectations say they should’ve! Some ideas to boost business can take time, like SEO.

If your investment is on SEO that takes some time and your projections should accommodate that. The same can be said for some business-boosting ideas, but there comes a time when you still have hope that it will work even though it is proving not to. This is causing you to waste your money and do so willingly.

Stop Sign

Do some research on your market, product, etc, and see if the data supports your predictions and efforts. If it doesn’t support your personal convictions and resulting decisions, go with the data! This might be something as simple as AB testing

You may have a hard time accepting that your customers want something different than you expected, but better to know that then working towards NO ROI.

Reviewing your routine and then fine-tuning it according to your business needs and realistic growth expectations can really assist with moving your company forward!