Which is better? Focusing on one item or dispersing your energy on several?

Charles Ngo (better known as Dr Ngo on Twitter), said a lot of things at the Tracking202/Bloosky meet-up during ASW10 that I really wanted to talk about. There were several super affiliates that were asked to give a tip to the crowd at BlooSky’s Meetup 202.   Some gave out PPC tips and some PPV tips that were very interesting and helpful but Charles, a super affiliate, gave everyone something that everyone could use in their own way.

His advice was to simplify and be one of the top in the vertical you are promoting. Sure, you can build horizontally to several different verticals and turn them all in to 4-5 figure generating campaigns. But wouldn’t it be better to master your vertical, and be one of the highest earners in it?  Be the best at what you do! If you are amazing at getting 5000 acai leads a day, then don’t bother with 100 teeth, 300 auto, 250 dating leads, and 50 muscle building leads.

Wouldn’t this be like putting all your eggs in one basket? I don’t think so. There are different traffic sources, demographics, and wants and needs that people want/need to fulfill, and you can capitalize on all of those. Be a master of your niche by focusing your attention and knowledge all on that niche. Choose a popular niche that will never drown: auto, home, biz-op, clothing, dating, weight loss, teeth whitening, insurance, etc.

It really hit me in the fact that I personally dabble in many different areas.  I need to be the best at ONE vertical, master that and then keep it up.  I need to be the best at what I do.  I am going to focus on 2 or 3 different areas and make them the best areas that I focus on.

So what do you think of Dr Ngo’s advice? Do you think it’s good advice to someone starting out or is it useless info? State your opinion in the comments below.