Tech retail tycoon, Best Buy, has joined the line-up of companies offering music storage in the cloud with its pending release of the Best Buy Music Cloud service. According to a recent blog post on Business 2.0 Press, Best Buy currently offers a similar service in the UK called My Music Anywhere UK, complete with mobile-streaming capabilities through iPhones, BlackBerries, and more.

Though the US launch of the rebranded Best Buy Music Cloud hasn’t officially occurred, word is that sign ups are already possible on the company’s website. Potential users should probably be warned though that the free version of the service will reportedly only play the first 30 seconds of all synced songs, limiting the general appeal rather severely. Priced at $3.99/month, the paid service will allow subscribers access to the mobile apps and let them play the full tracks of their songs. In view of all that, the free service should probably just be called a demo, because who would go with it long-term? Of course, that’s the general idea.

Then again, Pandora’s free service lets you listen to 40 hours of music a month—full tracks included. Yeah, it’s not your own music and it’s not a storage service, but still, that kind of treatment pampers consumers to the point of expecting similar treatment from other vendors of online services. Best Buy should brace itself for the backlash.

Amazon’s music-storage cloud service has also received competitive reviews from users, despite the ongoing debacle with the music labels for releasing the service without licenses. (In that respect at least, Best Buy went the route of Apple and received the “official” go-ahead from the labels.)

If your goal is basic, anywhere-accessible music storage, however, even Dropbox may prove to be a feasible option, but in terms of streaming your own music from the cloud to your array of mobile-devices, you can now compare Best Buy’s offering to Amazon’s, Google’s, Apple’s, and Microsoft’s. All that competition spells good news for consumers, at least, as the providers go toe-to-toe to win us over with the best service and pricing.