If you weren’t on Twitter yesterday, you missed out on an epic trending topic. #InThe90sWeAsked produced thousands of nostalgic tweets, but we’ve collected the best of them for you right here!

Here are some of the best responses from yesterday:

1. #InThe90sWeAsked – Can You Please Get Off the Internet I’m Trying to Use the Phone

Submitted By: @MatthewACherry

#InThe90sWeAsked – But Did You Try Blowing on the Cartridge?

Submitted By: @BreakThruRadio

3.  #InThe90sWeAsked – The Paper Clip. He Never Knew But He Tried His Best And That’s What Counts.

Submitted By: @LilyBaileyUK

4. #InThe90sWeAsked – You Burned A Mix CD For The Road Trip, Right?

Submitted By: @Ticketmaster

5. #InThe90sWeAsked – What’s an Internet, and How Much Does it Cost?

Submitted By: @Benjamin_G_Lund

6. #InThe90sWeAsked – What Will I Do if I Lose One of These?


Submitted By: @InternetPalace

7. #InThe90sWeAsked – Can Cellphones Get Any Better?!

Submitted By: @Diane7A

8. #InThe90sWeAsked – Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry to Show us the Wonders of Windows 95 on VHS


Submitted By: @scottymwatson

9. #InThe90sWeAsked – Did You Remember To Rewind The Blockbuster Videotapes Before Returning Them?


Submitted By: @joonhson

10. #InThe90sWeAsked – 

Submitted By: @FeralCherylZ

Did we miss anything? Add to the conversation and share your best #InThe90sWeAsked quote in the comments!