Picking a shopping cart plugin in WordPress is overwhelming! There are several lists recommending Shopping Cart plugins, but I noticed that many were wildly out of date or just a little too long for my taste. I’ve compiled a list of the plugins trusted by other bloggers as well as WordPress customers. Take a gander, then choose wisely!

1. WooCommerce ( click for more info)

4.5 stars2,000 reviews1,000,000+ active installs

WooCommerce is by far the most popular shopping cart plugin currently. It powers about 30% of online stores worldwide. It is a free plugin, which people love. It is highly customizeable, and offers tons of compatible extension plugins to add pretty much any feature you could think of.

2. WP eCommerce

3.5 stars242 reviews40,000+ active installs

WP eCommerce is also free. It is secured with SSL, and we’ve talked a lot lately about how important that is! WP eCommerce can be customized with additional extensions and modules, as well as with HTML and CSS.

3. Ecwid

4.5 stars130 reviews20,000+ active installs

Ecwid is the most popular plugin used for businesses that integrate their stores with Facebook. It is free and offers several premium plans to scale with your business. It integrates seamlessly with several of the most popular eCommerce sites. It is a PCI compliant plugin, and offers you unlimited secure hosting for your shop items on its servers, regardless of where you host your website. Ecwid automatically calculates shipping and taxes, and they offer free email support even for the free version of the plugin.

4. Jigoshop

4.5 stars134 reviews9,000+ active installs

Jigoshop is yet another free plugin with many extensions available. It is compatible with retail products as well as downloadable and virtual products, and you can also create variable pricing and affiliate listings. Jigoshop can help you to manage your inventory and notify you of low stock levels. This is one of the highest rated plugins out there, and one of the fastest to set up. Their developers have also created some themes that are optimized for Jigoshop!

5. EasyCart

4.2 stars80 reviews4,000+ active installs

EasyCart is yet another of the fastest plugins to set up. This plugin offers administrative software so you don’t have to use WordPress to manage your shop. It is compatible with almost every WordPress theme and integrates with most popular payment methods. EasyCart automatically calculates shipping and taxes and has very robust product listing options. You can roll out marketing strategies easily with coupon codes and promotions, and through the Google Analytics integration. EasyCart also has a team of developers that can help to customize your shopping cart to perfectly suit your needs.

Bonus: Easy Digital Downloads

5 stars240 reviews50,000+ active installs

Easy Digital Downloads is a free plugin, only compatible with downloadable products. This is the most popular plugin for downloads, offering highly customizeable functionality through extensions and additional plugins and excellent out-of-the-box features. Customers can easily purchase more than one download and have access to past purchases so that they can re-download if necessary. EDD has variable pricing options as well as the ability to run promotional and coupon codes.

For more information on each of these plugins, visit their information pages linked in the subheadings.