has developed a platform for auto deployment, control, configuration and management of web based applications and systems. These systems are often referred to as Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, or On-demand systems. As we go forward we want to know what billing models and architectures are most appropriate and usable by our customers.

Since any system of this type requires either DNS or Load Balanced control of the application (though we have also developed with fail-over Data Bases in mind), some infrastructure must be deployed to allow for any dynamic load sharing or fail-over. This requires some structure to accommodate the on-going support of the basic platform which can then dynamically scale.

What would be most helpful? Fail-over MySQL, MS-SQL, etc, or Application Servers? What billing model works best? Flat-fee, ramp-up, ramp-down fees, etc.?

Would it be helpful to scale up 1 server (ie. Dedicated Hosting Servers) at a time or just one CPU (ie. VPS – Virtual Private Servers) at a time?

Please let us know what system makes the most sense for you.