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Down with downtime! Cloud Virtual Hosting brings the whole shared hosting package together.

At NetHosting, we are determined to give our customers affordable hosting options without sacrificing quality and value, which is why we offer Cloud Virtual Hosting. Cloud Virtual Hosting is the answer to increased dependability, ease of use, and data protection, and it's made possible by the unique, collaborative integration of CloudLinux, cPanel, and R1Soft.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Has your website ever experienced site-lag or downtime because of one of your shared hosting neighbors? In a traditional shared hosting environment, factors like your neighbor's use of bandwidth, bad scripts, or DDOS attacks on other sites can slow down your website and even bring down the entire shared server. These “bad” neighbors can have a significant negative impact on your business by causing downtime for your website. But, with a good fence created by the CloudLinux operating system, you no longer have to feel the effects of neighbor-caused downtime.

CloudLinux isolates each customer in a lightweight virtualized environment (LVE), giving each customer a pre-allocated set of resources which cannot be exceeded. This invisible fence for each customer increases the reliability of the entire server. One customer can no longer abuse the resources of the server and more importantly, can no longer negatively affect your site. Sudden spikes in a neighbor’s activity will not affect the resource allotment for anyone else, no matter how much traffic they receive. The LVE system used by CloudLinux allows the entire server to remain stable in situations where other systems would go down.

cPanel Support

Now that CloudLinux has taken care of your unruly neighbors, what about website management? cPanel acts like a butler for your website. The automated tools available through cPanel mean it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to configure subdomains, setup addon domains, and add email accounts to your website. Additionally, cPanel has command line access so developers can access the API and further automate or configure processes how they would like.

cPanel is the industry leader in website management tools. Its intuitive graphic interface is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Learning how to use it is also a breeze with the number of online tutorials available, but if you ever have a question, our knowledgeable staff of Dedicated Experts™ is happy to assist you.

R1Soft Integration

With Cloud Virtual Hosting, you’ve solved the issue of bad neighbors and simplified the management of your site. Now, with R1Soft integration, you can also protect one of your most valuable and irreplaceable assets: your data. We know your data is valuable, so valuable that we offer R1Soft with every hosting package. R1Soft is largely respected as one of the best backup platforms around. It’s quick, easy to use, and was specifically developed to back up servers in the cloud.

CloudLinux and cPanel integrate perfectly with R1Soft to protect your data from hardware failure, human error and other forms of data loss. With R1Soft you can log into the server interface and browse the files in your site directory. You can schedule convenient, automated backups for the data you want protected, at times that will least impact your server performance. You can also select to restore individual files or your entire site from any available incremental backup.

The Whole Package

NetHosting understands our customers’ requirements for reliability, protection of data and dependability of resources. We achieve our goal of meeting those requirements by providing a sturdy fence between you and your shared server neighbor, offering a user-friendly method of configuring your server, and ensuring data redundancy in case of emergency. With CloudLinux, cPanel, and R1Soft, we deliver added value to you and your website without the cost of a private dedicated server.