Note: Your social media networks are probably the best outreach marketing tools you have. Taking an hour to manage them will give you a step up in today’s mobile world.

Take control and manage your social media campaign in less than an hour.

There are a ton of social media networks that you have to get your business onto. Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn  the list goes on and on. What’s even more difficult is making sure everything is up-to-date, managed, and kept clean. Luckily, Josh S. Peters, the social media manager at The Search Agency, has our backs and released his 60 minute social media audit strategy! These 60 minutes could be the most beneficial hour for your SEO.

1.Perfect Your Image

If your company is covering multiple social media bases, keep it up! You should be doing that and if you’re not, then get to it! Just make sure you’re using the same pictures, logos, and information on each network. Also make sure they are current so that the Tumblr page doesn’t have your company logo from two years ago. Along those lines, when you use pictures, make sure the title of those images is descriptive and not general. Instead of labeling your company’s infographic image_1.jpg, maybe label it [your company’s name]infographic.jpg. This will help your SEO that much more.

You will also want to update advertisements, deals, and specials. You will also want to keep an eye on contests, new people that “liked” or +1 your page and award them accordingly if there was an incentive.
2.More Information!

As we talked about with the Google Local Business listings, the more information you enter into your social media networks the better. Look for pages that are sparse in information such as biographies, captions, etc. Make adjustments or add more content to beef them up. Also check to see if your contact information is current. Many customers want to email companies before calling and quite a few companies are still lacking email addresses on their profiles.

Reevaluate your key words. Your products or goals may have changed and perhaps you’re trying to attract a different audience now. Carefully picking and choosing your key words which you enter into your profile could make or break your SEO objectives. Make sure you do your research and find out who is looking for which words and if they are even relevant.

3.Engaged Users

The whole purpose of your social media networks is to gather engaged followers. Make sure you’re doing your best through this audit to catch any opportunities to start or strengthen relationships with followers, customers, and associates. Look for messages or posts and take time to respond to them. Also post what is going on in your company, people like receiving fresh news about the going’s on in your company, like company parties, achievements, etc.

You should also check to see what people are saying about you. Run your company’s name through search engines whether it is the networks search bar or a major engine like Google. You can add adjectives such as “good,” “poor,” “bad,” or “excellent,” to narrow down on good and/or bad reviews. It may be hard to bear sometimes, but it is a good opportunity to find candid criticism and maybe adjust your service accordingly.

4.Dot Your i’s and Cross Your t’s.

To finish off, you just want to make sure the human factor is in order. Find out if your entire login and profile information is current and secure. Also confirm that whoever is in charge of the social media aspect is accessing from a secure location and keeping the login information in a safe spot. It is also fairly handy to have your social media linked to the same email address and have that email address belong to the company instead of one or many employees. This helps you better manage the social media assets and keeps all of the information consolidated. And if the social media manger leaves, getting the passwords and email addresses back from them is one less thing you have to worry about.

Try It Out!

Most of this information is common sense but there are a few things we can all do better in managing our social media networks. Applying this advice is fairly easy and will streamline the best public outreach tool your company has.