These days shared Hosting without cPanel is unheard of, but what about Virtual Hosting with built in data protection and resource stability? The odds are you’ve never heard of that either, so let me explain.

It’s arrived, and NetHosting has it: Cloud Virtual Hosting.

cPanel hosting has come to represent the epitome of ease and simplicity, but take that two steps further and you’ve got Cloud Virtual Hosting by NetHosting, the optimal cPanel experience. We’ve integrated the standard cPanel hosting product with R1 Soft Remote Backup and CloudLinux, an incredible operating system that maximizes shared-server efficiency to give each Virtual Hosting customer the experience and functionality of a private server.

But first let’s talk a little more about R1 Soft. Say your data is a tight-rope walker. The rope is the only thing keeping your data from plummeting to a swift and messy demise. Of course, you’ve got that balancing stick thing—your standard precautionary measures—and maybe you’ve practiced a little, but even the most experienced acrobats mitigate their risks by setting up a net for that all-too-possible worst case scenario.

R1 Soft is your security net, the ultimate fail-safe, and with NetHosting Cloud Virtual Hosting, it comes standard with your hosting account. Forget about hardware failure or human error. We’ll catch your data and put it right back where it belongs in case of a slip up. No thanks necessary and no extra charges. Why? Because a reliable hosting product isn’t only what you deserve as a busy human being with other things to worry about besides who’s looking out for your data, but it’s what you’ve come to expect from NetHosting. And we’re happy to deliver.

And what about CloudLinux? Well, remember that stigma against Virtual Hosting, the one that says in all sharing environments there will be that resource hog that ruins everything for everybody else? With the CloudLinux operating system, you’ll never be slowed down by another customer’s traffic spikes, bad scripts, or DDOS attacks. Each customer is isolated in their own lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) with a pre-allocated level of resources that can’t be exceeded no matter how busy they get, leaving every other customers’ resources untouched and available only to them.

So much for the volatility of resources in a Virtual Hosting environment. As a perfect-fit hosting solution for the majority of websites on the web today, Cloud Virtual Hosting by NetHosting is hard to beat in pretty much every respect.

R1 Soft is largely recognized and respected as the best backup platform on the market, and CloudLinux is a revolutionary new solution to the impediments of yesterday’s Virtual Hosting platform. With NetHosting, you get both just for being a customer.

Don’t wait to set up your safety net. Call NetHosting today.