Making big decisions is an inevitable part of life, and the ramifications and consequences of those decisions can be daunting. Getting a full-time job, buying a car, deciding to move, or even signing a cell phone contract, are situations that can be difficult to change or get out of should the need ever arise. These types of decisions occur when choosing a cloud hosting provider as well.

Commitment in Server Space

Unfortunately these acts of commitment are not limited to personal decisions, but also extend to the corporate world, specifically in terms of choosing a trustworthy server or host. For smaller, leaner, and more agile companies the opportunities cloud hosting provides are unbeatable, and it makes sense to sign up with the first cloud computing company that offers the right price for the right amount of server space. But for larger and enterprise customers, this can be a more nerve-racking.

Lock-in occurs when a customer realizes the product or service they purchased is not the best option, but the cost of buying a new, better product or service outweighs the negative effects of their current solution. In essence, they are stuck with a sub-par service or product because the switching cost is too great. Psychologically, lock-in can occur when someone becomes stuck making more and more commitments to a course of action that is not the most beneficial to what they’re trying to do. This can occur at any time during the course of whatever project is being decided on – either in the planning stages or during late implementation. This can be a common problem for businesses that hastily choose a cloud computing company.

The concept of lock-in is similar to the concept of moving to a different house. A home buyer will study it out long and hard before making a decision to move, because they know that once the purchase has been made, the financing obtained, and everything paid for, there still exists the physical moving from one house to another. Let’s say this hypothetical home owner has a lot of furniture, electronics, and artwork, and it is difficult to relocate everything they own. Lock-in is this same potential problem for server space. What if everything gets moved over and there seems to be some type of problem? What if a company’s needs keep growing and are in need of more space than the current hosting solution provides?

The key to defeating lock-in is finding a company that is sustainable, one that can grow, and one that offers fair pricing. There are few companies like NetHosting that offer true solutions to all server needs whether a business takes off and grows at an astounding pace, or whether it stays steady without breaking the bank.

NetHosting has optimized its setup to avoid the problems and headaches that many customers of other server spaces have ended up causing themselves. With multiple types of cloud computing and hosting available, one can ensure that he or she is choosing the right option, and that they are not locking themselves in to something that they will be fighting to get out of in the future. Different types of hosting are available so customers can tailor fit their hosting solution to their specific needs. NetHosting makes sure that when their customers are going forward they will never have to pick up everything they own and move, because their home will fit them like a glove.

Lock-in can be a daunting thought for those looking at cloud hosting options. However if a company looking for a hosting solution refuses to settle for nothing less than the best, they will be able to overcome any potential problems of lock-in.