If you are trying to run a business online you probably have heard the words “Dedicated IP Address” float around. Maybe you know what a Dedicated IP is for, and are wondering, “Is that really something I need to purchase?”. Maybe you are new to the online business world and you have no clue what a Dedicated IP Address is. Or maybe you don’t know why you would even want one. Today I am going to help make sense of Dedicated IP Addresses so you know when it’s right for you to have one.

The Basics

First, let’s get the basics of what a Dedicated IP Address is, and what it isn’t. The basic definition of a Dedicated IP Address is an internet address (or IP number) that is static (non-changing) and is assigned to only one person. That definition helps us differentiate a bit from the IP address that you get when you sign up for a shared hosting account. The shared hosting accounts IP address (the Shared IP) is still a static IP address just like a Dedicated IP Address, but, there is one big difference. The Shared IP is used by everyone who has an account on the shared server! That means any random number of people could also be assigned to use that address. This can be detrimental when trying to make your own name for your specific business. It can also be less secure for your files.

Should You Have One?

So, what exactly does a Dedicated IP Address do for you? Why would you even want one? Well, first off, a Dedicated IP Address makes it so you can now install and get an SSL Certificate for your website. SSL certificates are the most important thing when it comes to running an e-Store of any sorts. SSL makes sure your customers’ CC info is safe and secure. That is one of the main reasons people get a Dedicated IP Address. Another great reason is IP blacklisting. If you are sharing your mailing IP with 20 other people and ONE (yeah just one) user decides to start spamming, your shared IP address will get blocked by spam filtering companies. This will block ALL 20 people sharing that IP. It sucks to get blocked for spam you didn’t send. That is why you get a Dedicated IP Address. With a Dedicated IP Address, you are the only one sending from that IP, so you and you alone are in charge of keeping your mailing reputation high. That means if you get blocked though, it was your fault, and you are in charge of getting unblocked. A Dedicated IP Address also makes sure that you are the only one who comes up when doing an IP lookup.

Now that we know what a Dedicated IP Address is and what it does for you, when should you get one? Honestly, if you are doing anything professional on the internet, you need a Dedicated IP Address. Real businesses don’t use shared IP addresses because they aren’t secure enough, they aren’t versatile enough, and they do not look as professional. If you are thinking about making money online, think about a Dedicated IP Address.

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