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We keep your data safe!

At NetHosting we pride ourselves in having been a leader in the hosting industry for 15 years.  We are located in Orem, Utah.  Our  data center is a state-of-the art class A  facility with direct fiber connections to AT&T, Comcast, Qwest, XO, ELI, and MCI, as well as local Municipalities. BGP Bandwidth is delivered from MCI, ELI, XO, and Sprint. All fiber runs enter at different entry points into the facility and terminate into separate Cisco core routers which all feed a N+1 Cisco Network. NetHosting is also a carrier neutral facility allowing our clients to use NetHosting’s bandwidth or connect directly to a specific carrier while still receiving on net discounts.

With all the talk today and yesterday about Haiti and the devastating 7.0 earthquake that happened, our customers have had concerns about our data center being in a safe location. Many people have asked why we chose Utah?  I have not been with NetHosting for the past 15 years, so I really had no idea, so I had to investigate further.  I came to find out that Utah is located in a disaster safe area according to The Federal Emergency Management Agency, more commonly known as FEMA.   Here is a map of the Disaster Free Hosting area:

Presidential Disaster Declarations

Presidential Disaster Declarations

You can see from the Map that Utah, which is located in the west above Arizona and next to Nevada, is located in one of the safest areas in the United States for a disaster free data center!  We protect our customers and their data.  Our fantastic support, together with world class hosting makes us the best choice for your hosting needs.  We’ve been around for 15 years and aren’t going anywhere! Got Questions?  We are here to help.  Start a Chat with a Sales Assistant for More Information.