If you have decided to do all the design for your small business, we have got some great tips for you to do to your own designs!

Edit Images

Not every photo you take comes out perfect. Edits are often needed and knowing how/having the right tools to do this is critical. Here are a few picture editing websites we like.



This is also a graphic design tool and works double time as a great photo editor. With most of the capabilities of expensive photo editing software, you can do almost anything for free at this site.



Our marketing operations manager actually designed her wedding invitations in PicMonkey. It is a great free choice, although lately has started pushing customers to purchase and upgrade more and more. For that reason, she stopped using it. If you are willing to pay a little, it is a great option.



With PlaceIt you can have a modern look with your photo editing. It is very interactive and you can drag and drop your images exactly where you want it.

Color Tools

Color is one of the hardest things for many non-designer designers. Here are a few tools you can try to help pick the right colors for you.



This tool helps you get 5 colors that work well together. You can start with a base color, hit the spacebar and it will give you 4 more colors that all go together. If you like some of them but not others you can lock the ones you like and hit the spacebar again to replace the colors you don’t! It is a great option if you already have a color or two you know you are going to use.



This one is great if you already have an image you plan on using and need colors to go with it. You just upload your image and it gives you a palate that will work well with that image.