I think it is premature to start counting chickens, but so far the impact from the economic downturn has been less than remarkable. In fact I believe the net impact on the hosting industry in general may in fact be a net positive.

When times are tough and money is tight, everyone starts doing two things: Number one, they ask, where can I cut back and conserve what I have, and number two how can I earn more, or ensure that I continue to be successful.

The reality of our world is everything that we do to accomplish the number two objective involves the Internet in some way. No one is going to cut off their broadband service when they need it to keep working and find those opportunities to save and make more money. No one is going to kill their websites right when they need to use them to make more money. I think that the hosting world in general may not only be somewhat insulated from an economic downturn, but they very well may see an uptick in sales.

It has always been our number one objective to help our customers succeed in their objectives for their hosting service, not just make them reliable and user friendly. We intend to help our customers utilize their hosting resources to strengthen their financial prospects, not hurt them.

Look for exciting new opportunities to help you grow and prosper in the coming months.