Do you partake in email marketing? Are you interested in doing so if you don’t? There are so many different programs that are available. Most even have a free version up to an all-inclusive paid version. We currently use Infusionsoft but we are shopping around. Here is what we have found:

Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, and MailChimp
(All of these have integrated signup forms that you can add them to your website.)


Infusionsoft: (We have personally used full version)

This software isn’t extremely user-friendly but you can do A LOT with a little bit of effort. (The reason we are leaving is they just quadrupled our price.) It also doubles as a CRM software but we didn’t use it for that. One thing we really like is the ease of building drip campaigns and sorting your contacts. They care greatly that you’re not spamming and help you write an email that doesn’t come across that way.

One thing they don’t have is drag and drop with code templates. You can either hard code your email or you can use the drag and drop templates, but you can’t do a hybrid. We do like the templates and it is much faster than hard-coding the entire email but sometimes we want to slightly edit the template and we can’t go in and edit the code. This isn’t a problem if you don’t want to mess around with coding but it has bothered us.

The reporting is really detailed and you can get reports for everything you can think of, or at least everything we can think of. Infusionsoft also offers a “University” to teach you how to do things as well as a forum with experts that is extremely helpful.

They offer extensive A/B testing, allowing you to edit any part of the email as well as “send at the best time” for a sending option. They track what time your users open the email and send it accordingly so it is individualized to each person.

Constant Contact: (We have only played with the free trial)

There are some great features like coupon tracking, polls, and surveys right in the program. Other platforms offer these things but they are not as user-friendly. The reporting is as expected; we can find every report type we would look for. You can have up to 10 users on their plus account or 1 user for their standard account. They do have email automation based off dates but we haven’t figured out how to set up a recurring drip campaign that starts as new people sign up, or even a one time drip.

MailChimp: (We used the free version for an extended period of time)

My absolute favorite thing about MailChimp is you can use a drag and drop template and then still edit the HTML on that template.

MailChimp is extremely user-friendly. There are preset templates, or you can create your own. It has a very efficient and simple way to manage your contact lists that makes it quick and easy. If someone wants to sign up for your emails you can create a link and all they have to do is fill out the form the link takes them to. Clean, simple, functional, and fast to find anything you need.


What types of email management systems have you used? Any pros or cons to those mentioned? We would love to hear your thoughts!