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If you’re on Twitter, you might need some helpful tips to grow your business twitter following, so here’s a list of things you can do to really engage with followers on Twitter and expand your brand.

Find and Follow People

As you’re establishing your business Twitter account, it is important to build connections with the people who are most likely to care about your brand, so searching for businesses and people in related industries is going to help you build a network. Following these people will give them the opportunity to follow you back and expand your brand.

Also, entering into conversations with other brands and businesses can help their followers to see your Twitter brand and choose to follow it. As a conversation tool, Twitter is all about increasing awareness, and making sure that you are present in the right conversations at the right time is key to utilizing it effectively.

Use Hashtags and Hashtag Research

Many business Twitter users underutilize the hashtag facility, but this is a big mistake. Hashtags categorize your tweets according to topic, and since Twitter’s search mines through the hashtags that people have used to provide search results, you really need to use them to be connected to a group of tweets that represent a conversation.

In addition, searching for the hashtags that you use and entering the conversations that other Twitter users are having can increase your brand awareness. Getting other tweeters to talk to you can result in follows and retweets, which increases your Twitter reach.

Compose Interesting Tweets

This might be the area that you’re really struggling with most, so here are some content tips that can help you get the engagement that you really want.

Facts and News

Tweeting about facts and news related to your industry can help you to establish yourself as a knowledge base for your Twitter followers. Using hashtags to categorize these will tweets will help your reach, but the most important thing is to make sure that your content is relevant and new.

Speaking to People, Not at Them

It turns out that people like to be engaged in conversations with the brands that they are following, so if someone tweets at you, then tweet back at them. Also, appearing personable and human can really help people to feel a connection with you. Feeling like there is a human face behind a business brand can increase engagement because tweeters want to feel like they’re being treated as real people.

Behind the Scenes Information

If your office is anything like this one, then there’s always something funny going on. Sometimes tweeting about your office environment and the fun your employees have helps you to look human, and if something hilarious is going on, people are going to be particularly interested. People use the Internet to be both educated and entertained, so why not combine both?

Tweet Your Content

If you have a blog where you are producing original content, then post the link to it as a Twitter update. While it’s good to share news and facts from other people, tweeting your original content will make you seem even more cutting edge. Producing content requires research and dedication, so it shows that you are a source of knowledge.

Promote Your Twitter on Other Platforms

People need to be aware of your business Twitter account, so you need to promote it on other social media platforms. Adding a “tweet this” option on your blog will encourage readers to do just that, and posting your Twitter handle on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and any other social media platforms you use will allow your other social media follows to connect via Twitter as well.

Sometimes getting the engagement you want is as simple as asking for it. Asking for blog readers to follow you on Twitter, or for Facebook likers to look you up on another social network, can make a difference. So, don’t be afraid to self-promote. People are on Twitter because they want to connect with others, and you want that connection to be with you.

Use a Tweet Tool

Depending on your investment in social media marketing, tweeting 3-5 times a day isn’t always an option, so using a Twitter tool where you can load tweets to be published at a later time could be a really great idea. I use Hootsuite to tweet, post on Facebook, and share on Google+, and this gives me an easy consolidated feed where I can do all of my social media updates. But there are also other options: people speaking highly of TweetLater, and TwitterFox, as well as connecting Twitter with other apps directly.

Building a Twitter following isn’t an overnight process, so expect to spend some time developing your networks. However, remember that as Twitter continues to grow, users are expecting more and more businesses to be present on there, so if you’re not, you’re missing out on valuable connections.

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