Imagine the world without social media.

What would it be like?

The thought of not being able to know what your friends are doing every second of every day without asking them seems absurd! You would actually have to contact them to see how they were doing rather than scroll through Facebook to see a status about how they are ‘feeling excited.’ Crazy right?

Believe it or not, that was a thing once upon a time.

We are so caught up with what people think of what we’re doing. It’s now so bad that the amount of ‘likes’ we have for a picture or a status may determine how we feel about ourselves individually. Sad but true.

Do you ever feel like this about your business page? Does the number of ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ you get on a post effect the way you feel about your success?


Social media seems to be a giant popularity contest that happens on a daily basis. Based on the number of pageviews, followers, ‘likes,’ and ‘shares’.

So what’s the real reason you want more ‘likes’? If it’s just to look popular then go for it! Buy all the ‘likes’ you want on Facebook. If you want your business to actually grow and generate sales through Facebook, then I highly suggest that you do not.

Here’s why:

Fake Friends
Buying ‘likes’ on Facebook is like buying friends. Those friends are going to be fake and I’m sorry to say this, but they just want you for your money. Eventually, those fake friends end up deleting their accounts. Their company might even get in trouble for violating Facebook’s terms and conditions. You better hope you don’t get in trouble for the same thing! They can shut your whole page down for it.

Bad EdgeRank

Facebook has its own algorithm that decides which stories appear in each user’s newsfeed. It hides all the boring stories that no one wants to see – so if your story doesn’t score well no one will see it.

Your score is based on the amount of visits to your page, comments, likes and shares on a post. If there is little to no engagement in comparison to the amount of ‘likes’ you have for your page, your EdgeRank score will be very low. Facebook will then see your page as unimportant.

It’s difficult enough to get your posts to show up in your Fan’s Newsfeed as it is and having fake ‘likes’ will make it even more difficult. When a Fan ‘likes’ a post of yours, it is more likely that your posts will show up in their Newsfeed more often but they can’t ‘like’ a post if they don’t see it. To take that even further, if a fan engages with a post, their friends will also see your post.


You want your real fans to see your posts but because you have a bad EdgeRank score they won’t be able to. This causes them to be out of the loop when it comes to your business.

Revenue Loss
Let’s say you’re having a sale.  Those fake accounts that you bought sure aren’t going to be buying anything and your real fans don’t even know about the sale. How is this going to generate any kind of sale? Oh, and don’t even bother trying to boost your posts because it’s only going to be viewable by the majority of those fake accounts. You and I both know they won’t provide engagement; it will just waste your money.

So how do you get REAL ‘likes’?

There is a difference between paying for likes and paying for an ad to increase your ‘likes’. When you design an ad and pay for it, you can target a certain audience so that the right people are seeing it. If you don’t have that big of a budget you can always start out small! The impact of the ad will do wonders.

Host a Giveaway
Everyone likes free stuff and some people will do anything for a chance to win. There are two ways that you can host a giveaway. The first option is to host it on your own page where you are responsible for promoting it.

The second option is for someone else to host it on their page. If you are going to do the second option make sure their readers or fans know that they have to ‘like’ your page in order to participate in the giveaway. When looking for someone to host your giveaway try to make sure they are blogging or their business is related to what you do. That way you are targeting the right people.

kithen aid

When thinking about an item to give away, try to make it relevant to your business. For instance, The Cake Blog hosted a giveaway and the prize was a Kitchen Aid – something to make cakes with.

Make a connection
Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know. Find similar businesses that are successful. Follow them and share their content. They could be your step to success. They might be the business that lets you guest post, hosts your giveaway, or provides another door-opening opportunity for you. The more connections you make, the more business-building opportunities arise.

These are just some suggestions you can try that will help you get more Facebook ‘likes’. You can test a couple of different ones and see which tactic works best for you. Just please don’t buy your ‘likes’!