A new Facebook update announced August 27, 2013 will change the way business pages run promotions. For many companies, running promotions on Facebook is a creative way to garner more interest in their products and generate more social media engagement; but before today, Facebook made many businesses jump through hoops in order to host a promotion. Now, the process will be much easier.

What’s Changed?

BeforeBusiness pages could only run a promotional through a third-party app. Sweepstakes and contests all had to be held on an app.

Now – Promotions can be run directly on Facebook (as well as an app). However, this is limited to business pages and not personal timelines.

Before – Rules of the promotion could not ask fans to like or upload pictures in order to win a prize, unless it was done within the app. Asking for likes or uploaded pictures on a page’s wall was not allowed.

Now – Entries can be collected based on likes, posts, or messages on the page. Likes can also be used as a way to vote.

Before – Contest rules could require entrants to tag themselves in a picture of a product.

Now – Business pages are not allowed to require fans to tag themselves in pictures of a product in order to win a prize.

What Hasn’t Changed?

  • Businesses running promotions must clearly state the rules of the promotion, eligibility, and prizes.
  • Businesses must disclaimer their promotion by saying that Facebook does not sponsor, endorse, or administer it.
  • Clients of the businesses cannot run a promotion on their own individual timeline. The promotion also cannot require entrants to post anything on their own timeline.
  • Businesses are allowed to require entrants to submit a name idea for a product as part of the entry rules.

There are mixed reactions to the changes. Some find these new rules much easier to comply with and believe they will be much more cost-effective. Others felt the old way was cleaner and wonder if contacting the winner of a promotion will be more difficult. What do you think of these changes?

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