Google+ has been in the works for a long time now, over a year in fact, as Google has attempted to perfect its social sharing strategy. In the interim we’ve experienced the anticlimactic launches of Buzz and Wave, but so far Google+ has promised to make more than just a few ripples in Facebook’s private pool.

In the few weeks since its launch, G+ has found an obvious audience in (who else?) Facebookers, who have been badgering their friends, acquaintances, and friends’ acquaintances for G+ invites to get in on the new networking scene. As a result, Facebook’s response to Google+ has been largely territorial as it has repeatedly blocked third party contact exporting tools that would allow G+ users to replicate their Facebook friends list.

The G+ user base is exploding, regardless of Facebook’s attempts to protect what it claims is its own, as more and more people receive their invites. An expert predicts that the current 10 million will reach 20 million by this weekend.

Still, it’s got a long way to go to overtake Facebook’s 750 million, which I’m sure is at least an unspoken objective at Google HQ if it’s not already written in two-foot high capital letters on every whiteboard, followed by five exclamation points and circled ten times.

Amidst the positive and negative feedback, G+ has been tremendously responsive, reported a TechCrunch journalist, and has been tweaking things on the fly to improve user experience and further enhance its product.

Facebook has dominated its area for a long time; I think it will only be a good thing to throw in a new mega-contender.