When Heritage/HIT Web Design shut down on March 8th, Fibernet Corp., a Utah-based ISP and HIT’s former hosting provider, stepped up to the plate to help HIT’s customers out in a tight spot. Because HIT was a reseller of Fibernet’s hosting, HIT’s customers remained hosted in Fibernet’s data center even after the web design company suddenly closed up shop. That was about 15,000 customers who’d previously had no knowledge of Fibernet in some cases, and who’d certainly never had any reason to contact the ISP for any reason. And they found themselves depending on a company they’d never heard about to keep their sites live.

Twenty-two days later the situation looks optimistic. Fibernet refuted claims that it was shutting off its servers early on, and then extended its hosting services to HIT’s customers. They also slashed the prices customers had been paying with Heritage, largely because Fibernet doesn’t offer web design updates or even web design services, at least not to the extent that Heritage did. An added plus is the customer’s ability to bypass a reseller and work directly with the provider.

If you’re a HIT client looking to stay live with Fibernet, check out their website and give them a call.

NetHosting is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fibernet Corp.