After you decide on a target customer, the next step is finding and luring them into your website. Defining your target customer is an exercise intended to help you focus your business and your advertising efforts – now it’s time to go out there and do it!

Social Media

Being widely available means having a presence on as many social media platforms as possible. Although you want to exist in many different places, the best plan of attack is to concentrate more in a few areas, rather than spreading yourself thin on all of them. If your target clients are teenagers, focus on Tumblr or Instagram. Maintain your Facebook and Pinterest accounts, but save your best work for the social media engines that your target customer frequents most.

Craft Fairs or Trade Shows

Having a booth at a fair or trade show is laborious, but can be well worth the effort. Businesses use these events to collect information about clients. After a customer purchases a product, have them write down their contact information. Include them on email lists and newsletters. Keeping in contact with past customers will convert them into future customers again. This will also help you to improve your sales pitch and learn how to better interact with possible clients.


Make sure to build on the client list that you already have. Through social media and word-of-mouth, those customers can help spread the word about your business. Offer an incentive (coupons, discounts, freebies, etc.) for those who refer your business to friends and family members. Similarly, you are allowed to sell to your friends and family. Some entrepreneurs are afraid of asking those they know to buy some of their products because they don’t want to appear either pushy or needy. Although you shouldn’t pressure anyone, the people who care about you will be interested in your new endeavor. Go to them first!

Search Engines

Ensuring that potential customers can find your business is extremely important. Learn more about SEO techniques so that your business is at the top of Google’s search results. Also check out information about Google Geotargeting.

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