NetHosting’s inaugural iOS app is now available online for free and allows customers to open tickets and to view purchased services on their accounts.

NetHosting, known for its exceptional services such as Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and App Hosting, has just released its first iOS app for NetHosting customers.
The new NetHosting app will allow users to log into their accounts and view the services they have purchased. Users will also be able to view the status of their servers in the app. Additionally, customers will be able to open new support tickets to NetHosting’s support team directly from the application as well as view his or her open and closed tickets.
When asked about the benefit the new iOS app can provide, NetHosting CEO Lane Livingston stated, “Being able to request support from NetHosting, no matter where a customer is, is vital to the growth of our customers’ businesses and ours. We’re excited for the launch of this app and for future updates, which will expand its functionality even more.”
Finally, the NetHosting app allows users who are accessing the service on their iPhones to push a button and call NetHosting’s dedicated support phone number from within the application itself.
NetHosting’s free iOS app is available today in the App Store on an iOS device and in the iTunes Store as well.