What is a local link?

Local links are local business placements on websites like Yelp!, Yellowpages, Lawyers.com, Urbanspoon (now Zomato), and many more.

How many of these exist?

Hundreds! Many of these directories are made for specific niches; restaurants, law firms, doctors, etc.

What’s the point?

Local links can make a big impact on your business. “How’s that,” you ask? Think about the hundreds of people that use their smartphones daily to find directions, search for food, or plan an activity in their immediate area. Local links are how your business will be found!

Having your business present on these niche directories helps to solidify and legitimize your brand to potential customers. Sometimes people will look for a consistent recommendation across 3 or more trusted sources. If your business isn’t visible in the places your customers are looking, you could be missing out on some good business.

Not only can you get your name out there through local links, but many of these platforms make it easier to get feedback. Yelp! and Google have reviewing built into their business listings. You then have the opportunity to get feedback, respond to it, and act on it. Customers look for social proof, and having avenues where customers can review you helps to provide that.

How do you know where to submit your business?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. We’ve been collecting and improving our list of local link opportunities for years. Let us consult with you and figure out the best opportunities for your business.

Local links are just one part of an entire SEO campaign; they help local businesses stand out in their area and be placed on the Google Map in a local search result. In the long run, local links can increase traffic to a website and increase local rankings for keywords. Don’t underestimate these links!

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Post written in collaboration with Wallaroo Media.