Since Vine is essentially Instagram with video, it would make sense for Instagram to start incorporating video uploads in order to stay competitive in the social media market. Vine is owned by Twitter, and Instagram by Facebook, and while we’re lucky that these social media networks are good enough friends to let us share across platforms, there still has be competition between the two camps.

Vine is incredibly relevant right now, and is a new avenue for businesses to market online, and Instagram has slowly become part of the online business marketing strategy ranks. It’s true that we all want to see pictures, and that companies that produce good pictures get our attention. This doesn’t necessarily turn into a sale, but we like to be visually stimulated. Just think about the furor surrounding Super Bowl advertisements. Because social media networks know this, they are constantly looking for ways to engage the audience visually, and to present an attractive and functional interface. Facebook shows they understand the nature of visual culture by setting their EdgeRank algorithm to give photos a higher intrinsic value than links and plain text; we live in a visual world.

As such, the competition for our attention is high, and since Instagram had not released a video version, Vine went ahead and stormed the fortress, and they’re doing really well. However, while Instagram is still a relevant social network, is this video thing a little too late? We live in such a fast-paced technological world that arriving late to the game can be disastrous, and before Instagram video launched I wasn’t convinced they were going to pull it off, but now I am.

As an avid Instagram user, I definitely favor photos over video, but Instagram’s new video feature does just what I wanted it to. Instead of Vine’s 6 seconds there are 15 seconds of video time available, as well as video filters. Vine may be a step away from incorporating video filters, but Insta has gone and done it first, and in this regard Insta blows Vine out of the Water. However, while I’m pretty enamored with Instagram Video, I am still a little concerned about speed. My Instagram feed has been loading far slower than before, and I am finding it difficult to distinguish videos from photos.

Nevertheless, Instagram has pulled off what I didn’t think it would, and I think that we may be saying goodbye to Vine in the near future.


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