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Usually incredibly private, Google Inc. has released a rare glimpse via video into its facilities and server room floor on YouTube.

We released a case study about Google a few months ago that was surprisingly difficult to write. You’d think one of the largest Internet companies in the world would have a plethora of information about its server setup and infrastructure floating around. But Google has kept a notoriously tight lid on all of its hardware and software configurations, keeping the “secret sauce” safe, if you will. In fact, no one is even really certain how many data centers are in operation for the search behemoth. That’s why the new video the company released, showing the inside of its facilities, including inside its server room, is somewhat surprising.

Using StreetView, the Internet giant opened the doors of its Lenoir, North Carolina data center not only to film the insides but to also let Wired get an exclusive look. And, the company has announced that it will keep releasing blog posts on its Google Green Blog that highlight more of its facilities infrastructure. One environment-friendly detail Google already disclosed in the Wired feature was its water recycling system. The heat from the servers gets pushed out the back of the aisle, warming it to as hot as 120 degrees. Coils filled with water absorb that excess heat from the servers, and then send it out of the building to be cooled and eventually used inside the building again.

Watch the video below to get a sneak peek at the inner workings at one of the biggest and perhaps most powerful companies in the world, along with their data center.

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