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The craze is still in full tilt. If you’re planning a long day of Pokémon hunting, here’s what you need to be the very best.

  1. High-quality shoes for walking. Plan on putting at least 5 miles on these bad-boys in a day. If you’re really committed it will be more like 10-12. Good shoes will keep you from injuring yourself when you trip over uneven sidewalks, and help to minimize soreness.
  2. sunscreenSunblock. I know there’s a lot of controversy going around about sunblock lately, so you can disregard this if you’d like. But chances are high that you’ve been spending most of your time inside at a desk job, watching Netflix, or any number of the indoor hobbies we’ve developed. If your skin hasn’t seen the sun in a while, it’s a good idea to protect yourself.
  3. Portable device charger. Even with the battery-saver mode turned on, Pokémon GO is a major battery drain. Arm yourself with a small power bank so that you can charge while you play. Make sure that you charge up your power bank before you leave the house and have the proper cord to connect your phone or tablet to it when you’re out and about.potable_charger
  4. Alternate transportation. If you’re wanting to be more efficient in your hunting, you might want to opt for a scooter, bike, or skateboard of some sort. Keep in mind that you need to be paying attention when you operate these contraptions, so figure out where the Pokéstop is that you’re heading to and stay the course. Also, the app is smart enough that it knows driving speeds are not walking speeds. If you’re in a car, your distance will not count toward hatching your Pokémon eggs! A bike or scooter is a good alternative for the slightly more impatient Pokémon trainer.razor_scooter bike
  5. A phone mount for your alternate transportation. If you opt for a scooter or bicycle, I would highly recommend grabbing yourself a handy-dandy handlebar mount. This will keep your phone nice and snug and visible so you don’t have to dig it out of your pocket and risk dropping it every quarter mile. Here are some good suggestions. Again: PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROADS. You CAN play Pokémon GO without being 100% glued to your screen. It sends you notifications when a new Pokémon shows up so you can safely stop and go get it.phone_mount
  6. Identifying markers. I suggest a sign that says “CAUTION: FREQUENT STOPS” or something of the like. Better yet, get this Pokéball shirt with the same message on it. Wearing something Pokémon-branded will help you to meet and chat with more people when you’re out on the hunt. Just don’t follow them into dark alleys or large vehicles.frequent_stops
  7. Snacks. If your most powerful attack is the Snack Attack like me, then you’ll definitely need to bring some sustenance with you on your journey. Pack phone-friendly snacks that won’t leave dusty or sticky messes on your screen, and your belly will thank you.snacks


  1. Night-owl Booster Pack. If you’re going to be playing after dark, make sure that you can be seen and heard. Take a reflective vest with you – especially if you’re on a bike – and a whistle may come in handy as well. If you fall into a ditch or get approached by something Gastly, I bet you’ll be really glad you came prepared.ref_vestwhistle

Congratulations! You’re ready. Pack your bag and get ready to go on an epic Pokéventure and level up more than you ever thought possible. Safe travels, Trainer!