Normally, I don’t watch Halloween movies. The horror, blood, or the ghosts stick in my brain and I can’t seem to shake them out after the movie is over. I will lie in bed at night, every creak becoming a ghost, every whisper moving around the house a vampire. The wind outside becomes a murderer coming up the porch stairs to stab me in my sleep.

Last September, I started dating this guy who watched at least one scary movie every day of October. Every year, no fail. He loved a good jump scare, something creepy coming out of the darkness, anything that was dark and frightening. True horror really got him. I really liked this guy, and I wanted to impress him. I thought if I watched all these movies with him he would dig me a little more.  

When he asked me if I liked horror movies, I told him I hadn’t really seen any. I played it off as not having had the time to watch very many horror movies. In reality, the only Halloween movie I had seen all the way through was The Exorcist. I told him about that and he asked how scary that was for me. I said, impressively, “Psssshhh, not at all!” Unfortunately for me, he was impressed, and based all the movies we watched on me not being scared by The Exorcist. In reality, I had peed my pants watching that movie. We watched movies I had no idea existed and would’ve been just fine if they never had. Or I never had so I would never have had to watch them.

Movies we watched included The Babadook, Halloween, It, The Exorcist…I still get chills thinking about them.

I work for a tech company doing customer support. I work the late shift, 3pm to 11. We would end up watching the movies right after lunch, so I would get to work, have a little while to shake the shivers off, and then starting at 5 people start leaving until it’s just me all alone by 10 o’clock…with the phones….with the dark….with my thoughts.

It was finally October 31st, which meant it was the last day I had to watch horror movies. I woke up with bloodshot eyes, a result of not having slept – I had replayed in my head the disturbing scenes from Suspiria which we had watched the day before.

I also was excited to be done with hanging out with this guy, because, after watching a months worth of horror movies with him, let’s just say I wasn’t really feeling the butterflies anymore…the butterflies had basically been drowned in blood.

I had decided I wasn’t going to watch the last movie with him, which we had decided we would watch after I got back from work. The perfect end to Halloween (for him).

I was all alone in the office by 8 o’clock. People had places to be, mostly Halloween parties to attend. I was all alone. And I told myself I wasn’t going to think about the movies.

But I did. And then I heard noises and I got spooked. I sweated until 11 o’clock and then booked it out of there. But halfway home I realized in my haste I had forgotten my phone.

As I got back to the office, it must’ve been close to midnight, I entered the office space and right as I did the automatic lights turned off. I tried to manually turn them on, but nothing turned on. All the computers at the workspaces were off. If we had lost electricity the generators should’ve kicked on, but they hadn’t.

My spine tingled as I made my way, fumbled my way, over to my desk. And then I saw a strange light coming from the manager’s office. The manager’s office had frosted glass instead of walls, and the light seeped out eerily. Shaking, I picked up my phone, and then said the name of our manager: “Marley? …is….is that you in there?” As I got closer to the office, the form of a hand slammed into the window. I jumped, and then, it was gone, the light disappeared, and I booked it out of there.

As I pulled out of the parking lot I looked up to see a white form standing in the doorway. Every hair on my body stood straight up. I blinked and the form was gone.

I drove and didn’t look back.