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NetHosting reports significant growth in its newly initiated affiliate program.

Orem, UT NetHosting, a principal provider of web hosting services since 1994, reports that its recently initiated Affiliate Program is making great strides in establishing a higher standard of payout for the average affiliate partner, an effort that, to date, has already ushered over 900 affiliates into the NetHosting program.

When asked what sets the NetHosting Affiliate Program apart from similar affiliate programs in the industry, John Rampton, Affiliate Marketing Manager of Nethosting, stated, “We offer the best returns for our affiliates, but in addition to awesome payouts, we also have different promotions going on all the time that make affiliating with us even more worthwhile.”

Lane Livingston, CEO and founder of NetHosting, explained what affiliates can expect after aligning themselves with his company, “Our affiliates can feel confident that the traffic referred to our site through them is going to be impressed by what they find—quality hosting products, a PCI compliant data center, and the promise of 100% uptime. In the end, that’s going to make the difference between securing that sale and putting cash in our affiliates’ pockets.”