If you’re a blogger, you spend a lot of time making sure that your writing is accurate, succinct and otherwise excellent. Unfortunately, great writing just doesn’t always cut it. We live in a very visual world. Readers generally have a very short attention span. So how do we keep people reading through our posts? Using beautiful photos is a fairly simple way to improve your writing without actually having to do any writing! Let me count the ways…

small_portion 1. Portion control.

The short attention span…it’s the bane of many writers’ existence. By adding photos into your work, you can break your content up into segments that are much easier for the reader to digest. Strategically chosen and strategically placed photos will enhance the message and readability of your work.


looking_ahead2. Spoiler alerts!

Using photos in your writing can tell your readers what is coming on a quick scroll. Hopefully you’re also using headings and formatting to make it easy for a reader to scan, but pictures can speak a load of words. If you have a rushed reader, you can use photos to draw attention to your subheadings and keep their attention.



3. Sharing is caring.

When you add photos into your writing, it automatically becomes more shareable. If you want more exposure through social media, images will boost your shares and clicks. I am one of many social media users that has chosen not to share an article or post because it didn’t have a relevant thumbnail image that would appear with the link if I shared. Photos increase shares and also increase actual clicks on your posts from those shares.


stock_photo_search4. Optimized images and SEO.

Using just one photo gives you 4 more opportunities to boost your SEO. Use a keyword-rich file name for your image before you upload it to your post then update your image title attribute, alt text attribute, and description as described here. These tricks will improve your SEO and get you additional exposure for your posts based on the images you use.


Now that you’re convinced, head over to a free stock photo site like Pixabay or Pexels and get started!