Quick question. How important is your data? Not just your personal data, which most people would call valuable, but your customers’ data. How important is that to you, to your company?

Don’t answer just yet. First, consider this: this data is the framework, the foundation, the drywall, the nails that hold it all together—every last infinitesimal speck of your business structure. That’s more than important, isn’t it? It’s vital.

Now that we’ve answered that question, I’m betting you’d like to keep your data nice and cozy in a padlocked box somewhere, right? Why not take a more reasonable approach and store it somewhere that not only takes security seriously, but is also equipped to counter the unpredictable?

I don’t mean to brag, but that sounds an awful lot like Nethosting’s data center. I have to say—as data centers go, Nethosting’s might be called a veritable colo fortress: high-security cameras; access controls on every door; a next generation, Class A, SMART building design; zone 4 seismic classification, 20” raised static-resistant flooring; double-interlock pre-action “dry-pipe” fire suppression; and redundant HVAC systems by Liebert Corporation and York International.

Am I missing anything? Probably. I don’t think the booby traps have been installed yet, but that may still be on the list of security protocols waiting to be approved. ;)

Above all the tangible measures Nethosting has taken to protect client data, our internal practices also comply with the PCI DSS, a status only achieved after adhering to the PCI Security Council’s extensive list of security protocols.

What better place to collaborate your professional or personal data?

From cloud hosting to a whole realm of managed services, Nethosting and its facilities are definitely prepared to explore new possibilities and continue setting the standard for other hosting collocation providers to follow.  Trust your data with someone who has been around the block.  We have been around for 15 years and we’re not going anywhere!  We are your trusted cloud hosting providers!