A parallax scrolling website is a fancy name for a one page website. You know, those sites where you just keep scrolling…and scrolling….and scrolling! Seemingly forever through cyber space to get information. Have you ever wondered if that kind of site is right for you? It seems like a concept for those space age millennials, right? Well, depending on your site, that is WRONG! Check out the pros and cons of this futuristic site layout.


More Mobile Friendly

This is something we have discussed on this blog before. Making your site mobile friendly is more important now than ever before. It is strongly urged that you look at your Google Analytics account to see if people are trying to use your site while on their mobile devices. If that seldom happens, it probably won’t be worth it for you but if you have a fair amount of mobile traffic – it is probably time to make sure your site is mobile friendly. Having a one page site gives you a great mobile advantage.

You get to direct visitors through your site so they see the content you want them to see first. When a potential customer comes to your site, where do they go? Depending on how complex your site is you might not know! There is limited tracking you can do, but you do have control over what they actually do. With a one page site you get to control the order in which customers get to see your content. Our new site isn’t just one page but there’s just one main page that will fit the needs of most potential customers. This is another option if your original site is too complex for just one page:

Less text on each topic.

People don’t like to read. They like short snippets that give them the information they might need. The shorter the section, the more likely a customer is to read the blurb. If more information might be wanted by a few potential customers, consider a downloadable PDF or an external page they can get to from just one button or link in your text. Make it easy to find but not overwhelming to the more common customer that doesn’t require the extensive information.

More unique

One-page sites are on the rise but haven’t quite taken off yet. This will give your site a more unique look and feel drawing more attention to it. It is a simple concept that can make a huge difference. It also puts you ahead of the curve!


Tons of Scrolling

Your customers have to scroll…a ton! One downside to a one page website is you have to scroll a lot to see all the content on the site. If your site has a lot of content, or different things for different people, a one page site might not be best for you.

Not good for blogs

If your thinking about turning your blog into a one page site, think again! That doesn’t really work well. You could have a “one” page site and a link to your blog, which is still part of your website but doesn’t appear as such. Just don’t mix blogs and one page sites.

Takes longer to load

A one page site has more images and content on one page than a normal website would on one page. This means you must optimize, optimize, optimize. I recommend GTMetrix.com to make sure you get the best advice to make your site elite. Load time is important and if you do everything you can you should still be able to get the same speeds as or multi-page site.

Not great for SEO

Another downside is you only get one URL. This can actually go on both lists, pros and cons. You only have to focus on driving traffic to one URL and once you are at the top it will be harder to get knocked off, making at a pro and a con. It means that your one page has to be really good and you have to maintain it and keep up with the current needs of your customers. Keeping this one page regularly updated is more important than before.

Harder to Track

It is harder to see where you customers are going and what they are looking at on your site. On the bright side, you get still get to control where they are going. You will have to strongly rely on other analysts to make decisions.

One page sites are great for many business, is yours one of them? Post a link to your website below and I will give you my opinion!