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What do you think is driving consumer demand for personalization in advertising? Think of it as a latent demand, because most consumers find it disarming when it begins to feel like online advertisers are stalking them—the ads they see are just that personalized.

But the fact is, personalized ads work. Consumers are even beginning to expect a measure of personalization in the ads they see, because the best online experiences are the ones that are relevant and tailored just for our interests.

Advertisements should be no different, especially for marketers who want to see their ads convert.

The Argument for Personalization

Consumers crave relevancy. Yahoo found that 78% of consumers appreciated content personalization, while only 37% of that number actually felt that online desktop ads were relevant to their personal interests.

That’s room for improvement, especially in the mobile arena where only 30% of users feel that ads they see while browsing on their smartphones are mostly relevant to them.

How Localized Content Can be Personal

For marketers, the more data you can collect about a user, the better. Personalizing for your local traffic can be made easier because of this reason. So how can you use your visitors’ location data to better personalize their experience?

Here are three ways to turn your local visitors into local buyers.

  1. Add Location Extensions to Your Ad
  2. Use Personalized Retargeting Ads
  3. Direct to Local Landing Pages

Location Extensions
A location extension for your ad will show your business phone number, address, and Google Maps marker along with your ad text. Ads with location extensions convert dramatically better than ads without location extensions. For example, the click-through rate for these ads rose 40% and general clicks rose 95%. These are numbers you can’t ignore as online marketers.

Personalized Retargeting Ads
Retargeting ads refer to ads that in essence “follow” site visitors who failed to make a purchase for whatever reason. These visitors are “tagged” and then retargeted with relevant offers based on their behaviors while on your site and what had led them to your site. You may have seen ads that were highly specific and familiar while scrolling through your Facebook feed. This is an example of retargeting ads.

One way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the clicks that come from retargeting ads is to have those clicks directed to landings pages.

Local Landing Pages
If the landing page is the final destination of all your personalized ad efforts, shouldn’t it also be tailored for a targeted user experience?

Determine which search terms and ads will point to this page and make sure the content and focus continue the same train of thought that the customer began by typing in that search term or clicking on that ad.

Make sure that your personalization efforts include all three of these methods for a complete plan of attack.

How have you noticed personalized ads affecting the way you shop online? Share in the comments!


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