With nearly 50 million users, using Pinterest to expand your business can be overwhelming. Yet, Pinterest is one of the largest social media platforms, and it is certainly making more money than any other social network: users referred from Pinterest spend 70% more than customers from any other referral. You can’t afford to ignore Pinterest any longer, but how can you stand out among all the pins of chevron, food, and cute puppies?

A few small tweaks to your pins can make your content go a lot further on Pinterest. Before you dive in, commit yourself to maintaining a certain standard of pinning, rather than getting lost in the sea of pictures. Here are a few tips to growing a larger Pinterest presence by making your pins stand out:

  1. If you’re pinning a product, include a price tag. Pins with a price on them are favored above those without, getting 36% more likes. When you insert a number into the description of your pin, the price will automatically appear as part of the picture above, making it more visible. This social media website has become the place to shop, especially for gifts – Pinterest made a special “for fathers” category before this past Father’s Day, encouraging users to do their gift shopping through their website.
  2. Use only high-quality pictures. Users will not spend their time expanding a small image or trying to decipher a low-quality picture. Generally, users have about 10-12 pins on their screen at a time, with plenty more available just by scrolling down. Make your image as easy to see as possible, or they will move on.
  3. Bloggers specializing in “how-to” posts have found that their pins become more popular when they caption their pictures. Start with a picture relevant to your content, and then use a picture editor to put fun text over your graphic. Having words on your pin will make it easier for viewers to see the purpose of it. Just having the title of your post in the caption below the picture will make it less likely to be seen, and more likely to be ignored.
  4. Although your image is important, you can’t neglect the caption. Pinterest is searchable by what is written below the picture. At the moment, Pinterest utilizes hashtags, but they are unreliable. Searching a hashtag will give you mixed results, as the search will pull from the source of the pin, users, and boards. Since this is currently the case, use a regular description as well as a hashtag in your caption. Write your caption out clearly with keywords. Pinterest is full of spammers – avoid being mistaken for one by having your pins look clear, clean, and professional. Including a link in your caption will make it easier for Google to pick up, improving your site’s SEO.
  5. Put a call-to-action in the description of your pin. Pins with calls-to-action have about an 80% increase on activity. Make it short and to the point, using words that convey an urgency or timeliness.


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