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Rumors are flying about the specifics but one this is certain: Apple is revealing the iPad HD this morning in San Francisco.

At 10:00am Pacific Time, Apple is having an event in San Francisco. Visible proof of the coming attraction is the Apple website going down with an announcement that it will be back up soon (the same downtime page that goes up before every Apple hardware release). Since the announcement that the event would be happening, most reporters and bloggers have been convinced that the iPad 3 is on the agenda this morning to be announced. Even Apple itself has made it pretty clear that the event today is all about the iPad 3.

The iPad 3 is actually called the iPad HD. CNET reports that the expected specs on the new device will include a 2048×1536 resolution display, Verizon’s 4G LTE, and a faster graphics card. One of the most impressive things about the iPad HD is that it will come all wrapped up in a case that is about the same size as the iPad 2.

For all the hubbub that tablets are going away, the iPad HD seems to be here to stay. The Macbook Air and Intel’s new ultrabooks definitely don’t have a resolution that impressive or built in 4G broadband. And of course, for the ultra-portable size of ultrabooks, they’re still not as thin as an iPad. Intel is still the leader in chip technology but Apple is certainly catching up.

Multiple third-party market research firms have found that due to the iPad, Apple is now the largest PC vendor in the world. It surpassed Hewlett-Packard for the title.

Another blogging site has reported that the iPad won’t be the only piece of hardware taking stage today. One report seems confident that a new iteration of an Apple TV set-top box will also be revealed today in San Francisco. Why pair the devices together in the same event? Because by all reports, both devices boast the same, new chip that Apple has been developing. Rumors are then conflicted about whether the chip in the iPad HD will be quad-core or dual-core, but allegedly both exist.

Apple TV is supposedly able to support 1080p and play through the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 (probably the iPad HD as well). The current model supports 720p, which made sense because the highest resolution iTunes will support is 720p. But, due to ever increasing resolutions on Apple products, the 1080p support makes sense. Furthermore, there are faint rumors about an Apple TV (not just a set-top box) that the company is going to be releasing, not today, but in the future.

Undoubtedly the event will also boast some of Apple’s most impressive figures. For example, the app store recently hit its 25 billionth download, and even had a giveaway for the customer that bought the 25 billionth app. Additionally, the new Apple operating system Mountain Lion will probably be featured for a portion of the event. The company hasn’t had an event to feature the new OS in yet, so this gives Apple a chance to strut its software stuff.

One big question mark for the event later this morning is whether or not Apple will unveil a new iteration of the iOS operating system. iOS 6 was reportedly being used internally by a couple of different blog reports, but was never commented on by Apple. Some speculate that it really won’t be announced today but that the company will wait until the next iPhone unveiling (rumored to be this coming fall) before revealing the newest mobile operating system.

No matter what Apple announces, you know it’s going to be big news with thousands clamoring to pre-order whatever new product gets the big reveal this morning. I’m sure used iPad 2 prices are already dropping, so if you’re looking to upgrade, try getting rid of yours before the event begins and you lose all resale value. To check out our pre-event coverage of Apple’s last big announcement, read the blog post.