As you know, Instagram just rolled out video capabilities, and they’ve upped the ante on Vine by including video filtering options. This is exactly what I wanted from a video-sharing social network, so although I was a little skeptical at first, I was definitely sold by the added functionality. However, since Instagram is busy taking time to figure out video, they may be missing another big photo contender that’s on the table: VSCO Cam.

There are a lot of photo editing applications out there, and it seems like many people use more than one, unless I’m missing the magic app that does picture framing, shapes, and text overlay (am I?). I personally use a combination of 3 different photo apps to create photos, but they do all end up on Instagram after being filtered and altered and framed.

My current top 3 photo applications all do different things. I have DUCO because it has an array of interesting shapes (I like having my face in a circle or a triangle, or having my dog’s face in a cat shape), I use Diptic for doing collages and like that there are options to increase the frame sizes and change the shapes of edges, and all photos end up on Insta. However, VSCO Cam has recently added itself to my photo app rankings because it has so many better options than Instagram.

While I still use Insta for the sharing and social media aspect of taking photos, I find VSCO Cam’s photo filters to be more to my liking, and the photo capturing app has more advanced capabilities than other apps out there. VSCO Cam has an aperture setting as well as a focus bar, so you can control how much light the camera is letting in. In addition, VSCO Cam offers many more editing options, allowing you to adjust the contrast, exposure, and temperature of your photos, as well as cropping and filtering options.

While Instagram does have a good set of photo filters, I think that VSCO Cam’s are better, and they definitely fit in with more of my photographic style in that I like muted tones and a vintage feel. Instagram replaced Hipstamatic as the photography app to have to make stylish photos, but that doesn’t mean that Instagram’s reign is secure. Sure, at this point Instagram has established itself as a space to share photos on, but since there are better photography apps out there, it might also be time for Insta to look at expanding its feature set.

VSCO Cam really surprised me, and although it’s not as good as having an actual camera in your hand, the settings that it offers give you a lot more freedom and flexibility than Instagram does. Will you be trying it out?