Pros and Cons of Live Chat

Many companies use live chat as opposed to ChatBots and for some industries, it would be silly not to. The trick is knowing if you are in one of those industries or not.


Provide Tangible Human Connection

Speaking with an actual person is always easier than chatting with a computer. That basic human connection might cost a little bit more but it leads to happier users. Higher quality of communication is a big deal for a lot of people. This also helps if the customer doesn’t quite know what their question is – a real person can help them figure it out. This has happened to us on multiple occasions, we don’t know what to call something but by explaining it to a real person they are able to tell us what we are trying to ask.

Can Solve a Variety of Requests

You can ask a human any question and they can figure out the answer somehow….usually…hopefully! This is not an option with a chatbot. Even if it takes more time to find an answer, there is always one to be found. Sometimes you might have to ask up the chain of command but there will be an answer to give to the customer.


Limited Hours and Availability

If you don’t want to staff people 24/7 then live chat is definitely harder. If this is something you can’t do then it might be possible to have a chatbot during those hours and live chat during the busy hours. Or maybe have a chatbot screen and if it can’t handle it, it directs you to a live chat.

Can’t Handle Multi-language support

If your customers don’t just speak one language you have to have people staffed that can help everyone. Here at NetHosting, we have a few different languages covered, but occasionally we try to rely on Google Translate.

Make mistakes

People are only Human, mistakes will happen. Just like people are your biggest security risk, they also might misquote a price to someone if they have seen price changes and forgot the current price.


If you are considering chatbots, read here about the pros and the cons.