There is a myth that is floating around. It comes and goes, like the seasons. It is oft debated in many a blog post, and oft overlooked when creating a new website. But at the end of the debate, and at the end of the myth, lies the cold hard truth: YOU NEED A MOBILE FRIENDLY SITE.

Why? Here is the first and best reason:

  1. Google favors mobile responsiveness. (Check out our article here about how AMP helps with this) Your website will most likely be penalized by Google (not sure if they put you in detention or what) if you do not have a mobile-friendly site.
  2. Over half of all web traffic is mobile. That’s a crazy amount of your customers browsing on tablets, iPads, their phone! Don’t ignore them!
  3. Mobile users buy more. Who knows why, this can probably be oft-debated as well, maybe the little BUY NOW buttons are more appealing when they are from the privacy of your little mobile device, or everything looks better smaller.

Check out this link to test if it your current site is mobile friendly

If not, contact us today to find out how to get your site more friendly for your customers, and for Google!