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The Redmond-based company is building a new center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, investing about $100 million USD in the project.

Microsoft’s headquarters is still in Redmond, Washington, but the company is looking to expand its operations to south of the American border. South of the North American continent, actually. Microsoft is going to invest about $100 million USD into a technology center that is going to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Despite the funds that Microsoft is putting, the Brazilian government is also expected to chip in some dough to build the center. Currently it’s not certain what the facility will be for, whether training new employees, operating as a research facility, developing new products, or something else entirely.

There is another Microsoft building in Sao Paulo, and it got a $5 million USD investment earlier this year. However, it seems now that the Rio de Janeiro building will be a much bigger facility. Aside from Brazil, Microsoft has also built centers in Egypt, Israel, and Germany.

Prior to the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro buildings, Microsoft was already invested in the tech scene in Brazil. In 2008, the company helped to spread more Internet cafes across the nation so more people could have online access. The project to do so created more jobs and educational components to the nation. Aside from Microsoft, Intel is also thinking of building some of its infrastructure in Brazil.

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