Need more email marketing tips? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Email Segmentation

You own a beagle and you regularly buy treats, toys, and food from your local pet store. You signed up for their email list because they will have some great coupons. However, you are constantly receiving emails showing things for cats and larger dogs. This is annoying and shows that they don’t know what you buy from them.

When you have your contacts segmented, you can send emails specific to your customer’s needs based on previous purchases, location, demographics, or how often they purchase from you. If you are able to do this correctly, your sales should increase as well as your customer satisfaction.


This one always reminds us of a standard design. If you haven’t noticed, each blog update email looks mostly the same. When you see it, you know what it is and who it came from. You really want a clean look that matches all your other stuff. If we were to send out a promotional email we would change the look up while still keep the same colors and motifs. Make them eye-catching and short to get the most out of it. An email promoting your products should look different than one teaching you how to set up your account.


Automation is less personal but it allows you to do so much more. We don’t remember the times when each email had to be sent individually but we have heard about it. Why would you still be doing that?! You can even schedule them out in advance. In fact, the email that you received telling you about this post was scheduled 3 days before you actually got the email. This way you won’t forget and you can send at the most average optimal time without you having to be ready then.

Even better, when someone signs up for your service, they will receive an email right away thanking them and with the next steps on how to start using it.

Run A/B Test

Depending on your email software, A/B testing is built in. This is where you change one or more things on an email and see which one does better. We recommend starting with the subject.

This process takes a few weeks to just improve one thing, but check out your open rates with subject lines that have exclamation points vs none. This will help you write all your emails for the future. You will learn what your customers respond to best.


Time to spice up your emails with a few simple things. For a refresher on last week’s, click here.