Mozy Timeline

Mozy serves more than 1 million Windows and Mac users nationwide, providing unlimited data backup through the cloud.

System Specifications

  • Bandwidth (Why High?): Mozy uses a 128bit connection between computers and its own data centers. It uses a large amount of bandwidth in order to facilitate the quick and secure stream of information and to quickly restore data to customer’s computers.
  • CPU (Why Low?): Because Mozy specializes in backing up information, it doesn’t require very much processing power. Most of its computing power goes towards its encryption software.
  • Disk (Why High?): Due to the enormous amount of data Mozy backs up, it requires an enormous amount of disk space.
  • RAM (Why Low?): Although Mozy stores massive amounts of information, it does not need to retrieve information too frequently which only warrants a low amount of RAM.
  • Scalability (Why Medium?): Mozy has a state of the art data center with “military grade” security which prevents it from being highly scalable. It can send and receive large amounts of information quickly but to upgrade the system would not be nearly as quick.

Founded by Berkeley Data Systems in 2005 and acquired by EMC Corporation in 2007 for $76 million, Mozy serves more than 1 million Windows and Mac users nationwide, providing unlimited data backup through the cloud.  Users can back up data manually or on a schedule with two types of products: MozyHome and MozyPro.

MozyHome is primarily the consumer version of the backup service, available in a monthly subscription or through a variety of payment plans. Some features of MozyHome include Automatic Backup, True Archiving, Versioning, Continuous Backup, Mapped Drive Backup, and Web-based Backup Management.

MozyFree is a no-cost version of MozyHome that allows users to back up 2 GBs of data from up to two computers for an indefinite amount of time. MozyFree users also have access to live technical support.

MozyPro is designed as a tool for businesses to protect vital customer and company data, requiring a separate license for each backed up computer and/or server and charging per gigabyte of space consumed in Mozy data centers.

All of Mozy’s products back up only new or changed portions of files after the initial backup, preserving data incrementally, as well as encrypting all data for security. New versions of both products were recently released, providing added support for local backup, increased performance, and an all new user administration interface.

At least 60,000 companies have chosen Mozy as a disaster recovery and continuity solution. Customer data is stored across several data centers worldwide, where server space is leased out and protected by redundant generators, fire suppression systems, and seismic safeguards.


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