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Shellshock (AKA the Bash Bug) is being called the most serious security flaw since Heartbleed made headlines back in April. Discovered just this past Wednesday, September 24th, its threat level was given a 10 out of 10 on the Richter scale of security flaws, the Common Vulnerability Scoring System, while Heartbleed was rated at a 5.

What makes it so serious?

While the Heartbleed hack exposed sensitive data to hackers, Shellshock enables hackers to hijack the command line interface of any Unix-based operating system using the Bash command shell. The hacker can then commandeer the system, install programs, and run commands without the user’s knowledge.

Who is affected?

Unix-based operating systems, including any system running Linux or Mac OS.

What can you do to protect yourself and your system?

Protecting yourself from the Shellshock hack will require that you manually install the manufacturer issued patch to fix the Bash shell exploit.

We highly recommend that you or your IT personnel address this issue immediately as this software hack exposes your system to significant risk, or call our support team at 888.504.4678.

Install the patch

Follow this link for simple instructions on how to patch your system.

Give us a call

Our support team is available to provide additional information on the Shellshock hack as well as repair your system’s potential vulnerability. Standard support fees will apply.

Additional Reading

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