Cyber crime takes a tremendous toll on both the business and consumer, effectively impacting the success or failure of online ventures every day.

Although cybersecurity should be a daily priority for everyone on the web, once a year the professionals who work within this field use the month of October to highlight the importance of security in the virtual world. Cyber crime takes a tremendous toll on both the business and consumer, effectively impacting the success or failure of online ventures every day. For this reason, cybersecurity is a very important aspect of any online business and should never be overlooked or underappreciated.

A Few Important Facts

Everyone knows that to truly compete online, through an ecommerce website or as a service provider, you have to be secure. Period. Your consumers are looking for a place to confidently spend their money. If you can’t convince them that your website is that place, you can’t expect to have the success you’re looking for. Building a solid cybersecurity defense team and program is a must.

It is also important to note that, these days, every single internet user plays his or her role in securing the cyberspace. It’s essential, in this case, to educate ourselves on our individual responsibilities as we each try to create a safe environment for anyone who gets online. That’s the point of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Its Program

Under the slogan “Stop. Think. Connect.” National Cyber Security Awareness Month seeks to educate the current and future cyber workforce while highlighting important security strategies of small- to medium-sized businesses. Another goal of the program is to battle one of the most prevalent and devastating cyber crimes: identity theft. Through local and nation-wide educational efforts, consumers can inform and protect themselves from the criminal element in both the virtual and physical spheres.

It’s About Shared Responsibility

This year marks the eighth year that the National Cyber Security Awareness Month has spread the message that securing the Internet is “Our Shared Responsibility.” We each play a part as individuals and conglomerates, especially as cyber criminals are continuously advancing their methods.

To find out more about the annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month, visit the website. The program is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, and the website contains links to many educational resources to help you build your personal defense against the looming threat of cyber crime. Because the best offense is a good defense, it’s better to prevent a breach than to learn from one.

Learn more about protecting yourself throughout your daily routine and in every aspect of your life, using your mobile phone, gaming, and exploring your favorite social networks. Also, visit the site for opportunities to volunteer and raise awareness in your local communities as well as learn about ongoing international efforts to secure the web that affects us all globally.

Doing Our Part

At NetHosting, we’ve taken great strides in protecting our clients’ sensitive information and assets. We fully appreciate the tremendous responsibility we have as a service provider to defend our clients against exposure to all possible threats. With our PCI and SAS 70 Type II certifications, we’ve honed, tested, and audited our policies and procedures to ensure the most secure environment for our customers’ data and physical assets in our data center. From keyed doors to biometric readers, to raised flooring and redundant systems, we’ve taken a spectrum of threats, both physical and virtual, and tackled them with tailored defense strategies.

Get involved in spreading awareness during the National Cyber Security Awareness Month and from now on by learning how to protect yourself and, by extension, the rest of the interconnected web. As we all do our part to stop, think, and connect, we’ll ultimately succeed in making the Internet a safer place to play, shop, and do business.